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People are more comfortable of using and interacting with elements that mimics reality. This human connection creates an emotional bond between the user and the website design. That’s where things like loyalty to a brand is established. We have discussed 10 ways to give a human touch to your web designing in the Part 1 [Read […]

Before you get ready to design your website remember that it is people who are going to visit your website. People have emotions and only emotions can hold them and walk them through whatever you are trying to convey via your website. So, the designing of your website should be for people, not for robots […]

Butterfly clips were many girls’ favorite thing as a child, but that doesn’t mean that they have to remain their favorite throughout their lives. The same thing happens to people who start to use social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Initially it may seem interesting and fun to Hashtag, and in social […]

WordPress is the most popular website developing tool that offers plugins and themes to create different types of beautiful websites by using them. WordPress themes are comprising of a simple design procedure with great features. Basically, WordPress is a complete Content Management system suitable for designers, developers and many businesses. Since, WordPress holds various features to […]

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Confused for ordering Pizza or Chinese tonight? Social Media Polls, especially Twitter Polls in Twitter has long been the home to turn for ideas on everything from the winner of tonight’s game to deciding on the topic of your next blog. And now it’s even easier to collect opinions from your audience on Twitter by […]

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Digital Marketing are in great demand, it’s more like a revolution these days. More appropriately digital marketing is crucial if you wish to get success from your business. Since SEO (search engine optimization) is a part of it, a good Digital marketing strategy is more than enough to see potential success in business. Though digital […]

With the rapid evolution of technology, we see a drastic change in Web Designs. Everything is digital, and the best websites of today are the ones that have the ability to impress visitors and make them stay on the page for long. If you are looking for inspiring design ideas to create your new website, […]

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There are a few ways in Digital Marketing where small businesses can drive better leads and exchanges by building stronger customer relationships online

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If there are elements on your landing page that don’t serve a discrete persistence, or otherwise give your prospects a reason to stop and think, then you’ve failed to create a pleasant landing page experience.

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It has been never more important than now to claim and properly optimize your business on local online directories, if it depends on local customers. Currently Google is the main player in this scene when it comes to have your business listing claimed and properly set-up. It displays your business on the Google Search, Google+ networks and Google Maps for your local customers.