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The revolution of technology is knocking at your doorstep. Want to stay connected to the world and watch every single step of your life, technology is making this highly feasible. Our  generation is not just happy enough to own some latest smartphones but is looking for something even better, easy to access and carry. Therefore tech-giants […]

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Personal branding has been discussed exhaustively online in past few years. Social media technologies have made personal branding not only more personal but within reach. However, the term branding may sound relegated to companies, but today every individual can be represented as a personal brand. Not many of us consciously cultivate this practice, but if we can […]

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When two distinct technologies; information (IT) and communication technology (CT) merged together to form a new technology called ICT, mobile technology has left an intense effect on every aspect of society and individual’s life. Along with the huge success and popularity of the internet, ICT has completely transformed the world of mobile technology and its […]

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The Birds are back. Yes we are talking about our very own Angry Birds. The first official sequel of one of the best-selling mobile games app has been released worldwide on July 30, 2015. The game’s Finnish developers claimed on Twitter that it has reached one million downloads in just 12 hours after its launch. […]

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When it comes to technology always think about the future as technology always needed for the betterment of our future..

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If your company is already in the ‘know’ about blogging…

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That iconic “F” symbol or that little “thumbs up” icon.