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Facts you should know before hiring a web designer
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If you do have a successful business and just want to expand its possibilities by upgrading your business you must remember that hiring a web designer to the business has its own consequences

Personalized Content – A more target oriented approach
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Personalized Content or Personalization means serving a unique content to a user based on something we know about them from particular geographic location or specific browsing history

Something about Google penalty and how to know it beforehand
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Google has some guidelines for the websites and whoever is found manipulating them through the results of manual review or algorithm updates are being penalized.

RSS Feed and how beneficial it is to your website?

RSS feed is nothing but the most simplified way around to view and digest content on the internet. In other words, it is a modern technology used to keep track of your favorite website.

Run your business on mobile; throw the desktop to bins
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According to leading news channel analysis, last year Americans accessed the internet more through mobile apps than through PCs. Whatever the statistics are, the increase in usage of smartphones indicates that Americans’ computing habits have shifted yet again from laptop to mobile. This also notifies the decrease of desktop usability. Gone are the days when […]

6 quick ways to promote mobile app
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Your app is not alone. There are millions of apps available in the app store for each and every category. You might have developed a great app with fantastic features and expecting it to explode with download figures as soon as you upload it to the app store. However, the fact says that you are […]

Importance of negative space management in web designing

Like water and air is important for living, similar is the importance of negative space management in web designing. The health of your website depends on this aspect of designing. However there are no hard and fast rules about the usage of negative space, all depends on your perception and understanding of web designing. Space […]

Digitizing the Physical World – Google Glass and Samsung’s SixthSense Technology

The future concept of glasses has been changed since Google has launched its first wearable device Google Glass in April, 2012.The Google Glass displays smartphone-like information in a handsfree format. However, after releasing a limited period edition for $1500, on January 15, 2015, Google announced to stop producing the prototype of Google Glass as it […]

Wearable Technology : Best Smartwatches
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The revolution of technology is knocking at your doorstep. Want to stay connected to the world and watch every single step of your life, technology is making this highly feasible. Our  generation is not just happy enough to own some latest smartphones but is looking for something even better, easy to access and carry. Therefore tech-giants […]

5 Secrets of Self-Branding
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Personal branding has been discussed exhaustively online in past few years. Social media technologies have made personal branding not only more personal but within reach. However, the term branding may sound relegated to companies, but today every individual can be represented as a personal brand. Not many of us consciously cultivate this practice, but if we can […]