Giving Human Touch to Design Your Website (Part 2)

People are more comfortable of using and interacting with elements that mimics reality. This human connection creates an emotional bond between the user and the website design. That’s where things like loyalty to a brand is established.

We have discussed 10 ways to give a human touch to your web designing in the Part 1 [Read the Part 1 : Giving Human Touch to Design Your Website (Part 1)]of this segment. Here we have discussed 10 more ways towards continuing that emotional bond with your user through your website.

11. Convey your Ideas to Every User:

Every user thinks differently. Therefore, each and every user will not interpret your website design the same way. Therefore, it is important to think from multiple point of views while designing. Also you would require to include some additional means to convey your ideas to every user. For example, explain messages by image or sound, or video as a supporting option. The focus should be to deliver your message to every user out there.

12. Contemporary Techniques does wonder:

That emotional connection with the user can be achieved simply by adopting contemporary techniques & styles. Modern design, color and interface are more engaging and keep the users interested to interact with them.

13. Incorporate Familiarity:

No one likes to struggle to understand the controls and function of a design. Therefore, every action and gesture and every element your design should seek familiarity with real life if you want to give ita human touch.

14. Browser support:

It is pointless to discuss that making your website responsive is essential. Also it is important to ensure that yoWebsite designur website works well across all the different browsers. Make sure that your website is compatible to run across various browsers including the latest ones like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla,Opera, IE9 and more.

15. Background images:

Want something new in your website? Use images to make it appear more attractive and beautiful. But, just adding any random images will not leave a great impact on the pages. Instead, add some full screen background images to improvise your website’s appearance. Websites that flaunt large background images have greater chances of attracting user attention compared to those with smaller or no images at all.

16. Grid is important:

In the year 2017, designing is not an easy task. Also, it is high time to say goodbye to the old school tactics ofmood boarding the things to be included in your website design.

Grid is a designer’s true love! The structure comprises of a sequence of straight or horizontal or vertical or curved lines that interconnects into one another to rise a structure for a content to fit in. Grids help you make the arrangement of graphic elements based on the other elements on the page. Also, it guides you to where you can include all the graphic elements to attract visitors.

17. Graphics are the trendsetters:

A design is completely incomplete without graphics. Besides, you need something catchy and interesting that fits inside the grids to attract your audience. A design without graphics is like meal without salt.Website design

It enhances the visual beauty of your design. To add up some interesting graphics to your website you need not be an excellent photographer. You can use impressive stock images with a little Photoshop work on them and you are good to go.

18. Try repeating patterns and textures:

Repeating tiles and textures to your website attracts the visitor’s eye unlike the normal standard color schemes. Repeating patterns and texture contributes to the background of your website’s design.

You can use any free app like, the Noise Texture Generator. Just select the color of your background and the volume of noise you need. The app synchronizes the background images to fit into the tilesautomatically.

19. Cut the crap, keep it clean:

Some websites use flashy images that makes rounds of the website stealing the visitor’s gaze when they are here to buy something. Instead of attracting the audience it causes visual irritation, which turns the visitor away from your website. Many web designers believe adding a lot of elements are necessary on the website. But, as a matter of fact all these elements creates clutters on the website instead of making it look cool.So, get rid of the unwanted photographs, animated gifs, graphics, etc. that gives a nuisance appearance to the website.

20. Envision interface as a friend:

Last, but not the least, visual interface should be able to help users as a friend to guide them through the main sections of the website, making it easy for them to find what they want. This would in turn gives repeated customers to your website.


Designing with a human touch is an ever-changing art. The key to making any website design feel more real is to relating it to the senses. Design something that engages all of the senses, interacts with the user and make them feel comfortable.Consider emotion as part of the human experience and connect the user with the interface emotionally.

A human-based design combines everything we know about design theory and everything we feel as people to create projects that both look and feel like something others want to touch.

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