Overusing of Hashtag, is Not Awesome!

Butterfly clips were many girls’ favorite thing as a child, but that doesn’t mean that they have to remain their favorite throughout their lives. The same thing happens to people who start to use social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Initially it may seem interesting and fun to Hashtag, and in social media it does have a purpose. but if you overdo, it may become an abuse. Hashtags can neither be a part of our growth strategy nor they are teaching us anything useful. However, if you are using them excessively, it may work against you, rather than working for you.

Although some bloggers say, hashtags are ruining the English language, regardless of negative opinion this previously underrated pound sign has made its mark on social media and it won’t be going away any time soon. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, it allows us to see what topics are trending, what’s going on around the world and to join in on the painstakingly crucial debate.

However, the truth is that this revolutionizing pound sign are both widely misused and misunderstood, and mostly by famous people. So, the question is even if you use the hashtag daily, are you sure you’re using it properly? If you’ve violated any of these hashtag don’ts, we wish you don’t, you are abusing it.

hashtag graph

We have come up with 6 ways to hashtag properly:

  1. Never twine too many words under one single Hashtag. Just because tweets are constrained to 140 characters, it doesn’t mean you have to stuff as many words as you can into your hashtag. This could be done in a humorous way, but an irrationally long hashtag can be annoying and will lose its purpose.
  2. You should not hashtag every word of your post. Seriously, adding so many hashtags doesn’t add any extra value for your followers, and it sure won’t help you gain any. Excessive hashtags make your dialogue on social media forced and overwhelming, and your post may come across as spam.
  3. Don’t use punctuation or spaces in your hashtags. It breaks the link, and the hashtag will be considered useless.
  4. Do not misspell. A simple spelling error can waste a finely tuned post. This may send your post into the oblivion of misspelled hashtags. For instance, “#FeelTheBarn” won’t give you any information on Senator Sanders’ political campaign instead it will lead you to a community of empathetic farmers.
  5. Try to start a conversation. An avid social media user knows that hashtags can create a trending topic. With examples like the classic #ThrowbackThursday, #PrayForParis, or the #FridayThe13th have the ability to bring together people from all over the world to share their stories and snapshots of their lives. A well-constructed, thoughtful hashtag can gain you followers and boost your interaction.
  6. Do not make up a hashtag for the sake of it. Just because you like the hashtag, it doesn’t mean others will. Irrelevant hashtags will neither promote your name or brand identity, nor boost your communication with fellow social media users. They are useless, will be ignored. So, steer clear from them.

Overusing of Hashtag

Hashtags are more than a simple collection of characters to get people talking. It’s a tool to reach new audiences, start conversations and connect with like-minded people, when used properly. Just remember don’t use it excessively and be a hashtag abuser.

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