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Confused for ordering Pizza or Chinese tonight? Social Media Polls, especially Twitter Polls in Twitter has long been the home to turn for ideas on everything from the winner of tonight’s game to deciding on the topic of your next blog. And now it’s even easier to collect opinions from your audience on Twitter by launching an in-built option to conduct public polls. It’s free and works on both mobile and desktop.

For a long time, Twitter users have been conducting Social Media Surveys i.e. polls in a tactless method, where two options were voted for as retweet or a favorite. But it took away the facility to actually use those features! The new poll feature fixes that to give you yet another reason to include Twitter in your lives.

Everything You Need to Know

Polls are new and the Twitter team is trying hard to evolve them on user feedback. For time being, there are few limitations, but the feature works pretty well. Here are some details you need to know:

  • All polls are made anonymous. No one, including the poll-creator, can see who has voted for which option.
  • Polls are restricted only to two options. If you need more than two options, you’ll have to use a different provision like, one of the best free ways to settle arguments and make conclusions.
  • “@username” cannot be added in the poll’s options. However, these can be added in the tweet to aware the appropriate users.
  • Polls show the total number of votes and the percentage of votes for each option, in bar graphs.
  • All polls are valid for 24 hours from the time of commencement. This 24-hour time period is non-negotiable. Every poll also displays the remaining hours to vote.
  • Poll-creator cannot vote in his or her own poll.
  • All polls are public, which means the real-time data will be displayed to every voter.
  • One Twitter user can vote in a single poll only once.
  • A notification alerts you once the poll you’ve voted in, has ended, for you to check out the final results.
  • You can retweet and like the polls by tapping the heart icon.
  • Also through a retweet, anyone can vote directly.
  • A poll counts for 24 characters in tweet, leaving only 116 characters, excluding links and images. However, you can always use apps to cheat the 140-character Twitter limit.
  • Polls can be created or viewed only through the official Twitter web and mobile app. So, even if there are some great third-party apps for Android and iPhone, yet you won’t be able to see polls in them. Twitter will show polls everywhere sooner or later, of course, but currently you will be missing out if you don’t use it.

How to Create a Twitter Poll

Twitter Polls Generating a Twitter poll is very simple. If you can see the new poll icon in your status update box, you’re ready to begin one. Type your tweet clarifying what you’re trying to poll, tap or click the poll button, and fill in two options. That’s it.
As every poll lasts for only 24 hours, pin it to the top of your timeline, to keep it fresh and help people find it easily.

Twitter’s new quoted retweet system allows you to re-issue your poll for those who missed it earlier. Simply compose a new tweet and link it in your own tweet. Don’t forget to tag it with #ICYMI, stands for In Case You Missed It.


Benefits of Twitter Polls:

  • Openness of polls to any Twitter user
  • Direct social listening prospects
  • Contributor anonymity
  • Easy to rationalize
  • User friendly, for both audience and creator
  • Real-time outcomes
  • Swift customer service feedback

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